Bitcoin BTC crashing

Today the whole Crypto-market has fallen to almost 30%.Each and every altcoin is in a huge dip.Bitcoin(BTC) itself  is crashing has fallen below $10,000. Every single person involved in cryptocurrency is scared and frightened.No,one knows whats happening in the market.

Is the Bubble going to burst?

This question is coming in the mind of every person right now.Those who were comparing it to bubble now are smiling.But,it’s not a bubble and it will never burst.Let me tell you in detail.

This whole panic  condition is made due to the big players so called Whales.They have pull out their money not celebrate parties anymore but they are sicked of the Bitcoin prices as their profit has been low.

Now,as the BTC has fallen upto 50%, this is going to be their best time to re-invest their money and earn a huge profit.This is also time for newcomers to join the market.We may see new money  in market & correct the current situation.


As you can see this chart , within 50 min,it pump to $10,050 from the lowest $9,049.These types of fluctuation can be seen till the next week.

What to do now?

Experienced traders right now will hold their BTC and other altcoins and will buy the dips.Panic seller will face the loss as this situation is not permanent and prices will recover soon.

This is the best opportunity for those who were looking to invest.Ups and down are part of every market.It happens in almost all markets stocks, Forex and others as well.


  • Don’t sell in panic, just hodl .
  • Buy the dips if you have money.
  • Don’t invest in upcoming ICOs, invest in NEO(neither in XRP nor in ETH).
  • Don’t ever focus on the rumors and do your own research before investing.

Disclaimer-Invest on your own risk in cryptocurrency. All the predictions are based on the technical tools applied.We are not responsible for any loss faced in market.**


Ripple Targets

Ripple Targets (Bankers Coin)

Looking at the current conditions of XRP, many investors are in confusion and that is obvious as after it surged to $3.65, we have seen a continuous decline in the prices. Many people are looking for the Ripple predictions. We are going to give the same.


Ripple is basically a centralized cryptocurrency as few people are controlling it. It is developed by bankers keeping in mind the needs of banks and payments systems. It is developed to connects the banks worldwide, all the payment systems and the major corporate so that money can be sent globally fluently and at a faster speed.

Price Prediction

Within 3, 4 days prices has been halved. Looking at this many people who have invested a lot in this at high prices are selling in panic.

What to do now?

Just Hold. Don’t  ever sell in loss,remember in cryptocurrency market you are in loss only when you sell.

Ripple Prediction 2018

Buy now at the ranges of $1.00-$1.50. Targets are $5.6-$7.8 for long term.

Short term investors can book profit within the required time period.

Ripple Prediction 2019

If the prices fall below $5.5 in the beginning, place your buy orders.

Ripple Targets are $18.05-$21.2 for long term investors. Short term investors can book their profit

Ripple Prediction 2020

This year may see huge fluctuations in the prices as people may move towards other such projects. Depending on the upcoming ICOs, Prices may significantly fall and can come between $10-$12.Targets are $25-$29.8

Now let us have a look over the ripple graph:

Ripple Targets

If we look carefully at the candlesticks and the bollinger bands, we  can have the upcoming Ripple targets as the green candle is looking forward and it may seen to achieve $1.9 within this week.

If the red candlestick(24 hr) closes above the $1.25, we may see these targets as soon as possible.

TRX to hit moon again

According to another prediction on Trading View it has been shown that TRX may hit 300% rise from its current value with in a month.

Take a look at the below trading view graph.

The prediction says buy now and wait one month to let the TRX hit the moon again.

Also if we compare to the trends of cryptocurrencies all of them almost follow the same trend. Those who panic and sell at loss are ones who loose the most. Those who are going to hold are going to benefit from it.

Due to recent drop of approx 40% in cryptocurrencies especially Altcoins, many people are in panic and do not know what to do. Our suggestion is to just hold if you are not in it for quick money.

Disclaimer: Invest On your Own risk.



What’s Forking is ?

Every second person involved in crypto-market has heard this term and most of all are unaware of it. So, what literally Forking is?How and why the Forking is done? Answer of every question lies in this post.

Forking basically means any type of alteration that is made in the blockchain. This alteration can be temporary or it ca be permanent. This whole depends on the type of forking. Simply stating, forking is splitting of older chain into two branches.This forking is basically done by the developers or programmers in the algorithm or software of any cryptocurrency. This is divided in two parts. Hard-Fork and Soft-Fork, each one having its own purpose and goal.


Hard Fork is in actual, the change made by the developers in the old chain such that the transaction made in the previous chain will not be accepted any more. This fork is the permanent fork, implies that once it has been done no one can do transaction in the old chain and the new currency formed is then widely accepted by the community.

This creates two paths in the whole blockchain. One running along the oldest chain which is no longer accepted by the miners and other is the newly created path on which new transactions are made.This is only done when majority of the developers are supporting it.

Hard fork


In this fork, change is made to the algorithm such that the newly formed chain has to follow the new rules and old chain continue to follow old rules. Only majority of the developers who are supporting the fork have to follow it and the remaining will continue to work on the previous chain rather than changing all the nodes as was in hard fork.


Now coming to the bitcoin forks which are recently made and accepted by the major community.Bitcoin-Core has been forked into the following:-

  1. Bitcoin-Cash(BCH)-First  fork of bitcoin which is widely accepted by majority of the developers. Roger-Ver (First BTC investor and the CEO of and all his employees are in huge support of this fork. The reason behind this support is obvious as it is faster than the older version and has low transaction fee.It is currently traded at 0.156098 BTC at Binance.BCH

2) Segwit2x (B2X)-This project began in may 2017, but was actually forced to be implement in November on 18th.Since many developers were against it, so was cancelled on 8th November. Main idea behind this was to improve the scaling of bitcoin. Developers were opposing it because it was facing the problem of ‘Replay-Factor’ (this is main problem in the splitting of blockchain).It is being traded at Etherdelta, Yobit and HitBTC.


3)Bitcoin-Gold(BTG)-This is the recent fork of the original Bitcoin.It uses proof of work algorithm which is also known as “Equihash”. It is currently traded at many exchanges including Bitfinex, Bittrex and Binance.


Bitcoin Prediction

We have seen a huge dump in the recent month of December, specially in case of BTC(Bitcoin-Core).It surged to a maximum of 20,000$ and finally a downtrend came and it diminished to 12,000$(this much correction was not expected) and this all happened in within 2 weeks We are going to give you bitcoin prediction in the upcoming years.

With the starting of new year, we were looking for whales(People having large number of BTC) to put millions of dollars in the market. But it couldn’t happen and one reason was that major exchanges like bitfinex, binance, bittrex & others suspended their services for new investors. Currently, it is being traded at 12,250$ at and around 14,000$ at many other exchanges. Bitcoin prediction all depends on the volume being traded on these exchanges as well.

What can be the bitcoin prediction for the next year?

This is the sole question of many people looking to invest in Bitcoin.I am not going to state as what ‘John Mcafee’ stated ($500,000 till the end of 2020).

If we look over the graph carefully,BTC this year will touch the 40,000$ peak though slowly. Currently, it is struggling to be stable at $13k-$15K.This all depends on the FUD and mostly on the whales who are holding are large portion of BTC’s.

For recent updates on BTC prices, follow this link.

http://coinmarketcap.combitcoin candlestick graph

So, Let us move forward

Recently all the major exchanges halted the registration for the new comers.This all made this kind of situations in the cryptocurrency market,as new money didn’t come in the market.One major factor behind this bearish dip is also the government’s policies on the cryptocurrencies regulation.South korean government was going to ban all the cryptocurrencies in the country,but this couldn’t happen as the bill was not passed.

Now predictions.

  • In 2018, it may led to $80k-$90K before the end of December, the reason behind this is that many bitcoin futures like CME and CBOE group have been already launched and some are going to be live shortly in this year. US major stock exchange ‘Nasdaq’ has already embedded BTC.But at the end we may see a huge correction in its prices as whales always pull their money to celebrate holidays(as it happened in 2k17).
  • In 2019, again this year could be huge success for BTC hodlers (ya i spelled hodlers instead of holders) as the prices will reach to the moon. In the beginning we may see the BTC touching the peak of $100,000. At the end of this year, prices will pump a lot and can surged upto 40% than the previous year.